Minimum quantity: 30 pieces

Discount: 50%.

Payment: You can pay via wire transfer to a local US bank account if you are from the US. You can pay via "Wise" if you are from any other country.

We do not accept Paypal for wholesale transactions!

How to order: If you want to order a particular style please send us the link to the item and the quantity to info@thaluta.com

If you want to order a large variety of items, please add them to your cart and proceed to enter your shipping details, so we are able to see your cart and can give you a quote. (Don't change items or quanties afterwards)

Please read before placing your order!

Please get familiar on how to use "Wise" before placing your order.

Please get familiar with international shipping rates before placing your order.

Please get familiar with your banks transaction fees before placing your order.

Once you submit your order, we will forward it to Fedex to get a shipping rate.

Please pay the total amount within 7 days.